Friday, August 15, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

OK Ladies, Yesterday was my birthday...Yes, I am getting old, 33 years that is to be exact! BUT oMiGosh, in all of my 33 years I have NEVER been as spoiled and as pampered as I was yesterday! My cutest husband went all out to surprise me, and surprise me he did! Right down to the slip covered chairs, "Yes, he thought of all of this himself" it was perfect! Now, I need to clarify, My husband is extremely thoughtful, and so very sweet, actually he is perfect...but he has Never done anything like this for me before. I had no idea he could pull this off all by himself, For that matter I don't think I could have planned it better myself!
I just had to share these delicious photos with all of you. Share them with your hubby and let him know-Yes, men are incredibly capable of being the Romantic Romeo of our dreams every now and then! Little hints don't hurt to get the Romance flowing in my book! Delightfully Delicious Strawberry Cheesecake "My Favorite Desert"
He even used Ribbon!!! I am Sooooo impressed!
Me, just totally in awe!
Rose petals & floating candles bubble bath, just waiting for me to get relaxed
A cozy warm robe awaiting me after my bath
And me, in my new Victoria Secret Sweat pant outfit. He had this laying out for me to get comfy in after my bath! Yes Ladies, he is taken, but I am sure with a little coaxing you to can experience heaven on earth with your hubby! If your sweetie is thoughtful and has surprised you, I would Love, Love to hear about it...Leave me your story and I will post them for all to read!