Sunday, June 1, 2008


*****5 STARS***** OK Ladies, If you love the Sex & the City Series you are going to be head over heels in love with the movie! Just released on Friday this is a must see...See it with your girlfriends, or your Husband-"Trust me he will even like it" or for that matter go alone, but just go! You will be so glad you did. From the clothes, shoes, & handbags, to the storyline, beautiful scenery, & gorgeous Mr Big you heart will be a flutter the entire show!
Did you know that with every purchase you make of the DVD seasons 1-6 of the show you get in your dvd a free ticket to the show! A great deal for those of you that don't allready have the collection!

Mr. Big, Is he not just the cutest thing!

I am on a mission to find this black studded belt that appears throughout the show. If any of you know who it is designed by or where I can get one please let me know! I am also wanting the black Burberry coat Carrie wears, as well as the white bomber jacket she wears in the show. Any leads on these things drop me a line!!!

The coat! If any of you are in search of "The Blue Heels with the Central Role in the Movie" made by Manolo Blahnik you can call (212)582-3007 to be placed on their pre-order list for the June 9th launch!

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Janet said...

Joy when & saw this last night... alas, I could not get there! But she said it was FABULOUS-- so fab, in fact, that she wants to see it again! (She's my 'Carrie' and I'm her 'Charlotte'... so we gotta get there together!!