Friday, March 21, 2008

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend....

Or at least that's what they say!
From a very young age I recall always looking forward to going over to my grandmas house. She was just the best and always made me feel so special and loved! Still to this day she knows just how to hug me & the perfect things to say when I am having a bad day.
One of my favorite pastimes was going over to grandmas house and dressing up in her high heel shoes. I would walk around feel every bit as gorgeous as any movie star out there! She always had the neatest shoes, & I would clunk around in them for the entire weekend.
My Girls Truly are My Very Best Friends!
My daughters are growing up so fast and they love to dress up, and going shopping. They love to buy purses, rings and everything glamorous and girly! This is super fun for me as I grew up with only Brothers "who didn't enjoy playing dress up very much" so having daughters of my own now is just great! Watching them as they grow, and define there own personal style is amazing to me. My oldest daughter is a trendsetter, and loves to try out different styles and looks. They had so much fun dressing up & showing off these Big Bling Rings!

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