Monday, January 21, 2008

Antique Auction Treasures & More

I simply adore going to antique auctions and this past weekend I had the chance to go to one near by my home. The auction was put on by Silcox Auctions in Payson, Utah. It was a huge auctions with a very good turnout. The bidding was intense when an old Utah liquor jug came up for bid. It sold for 1500.00 and the lady that won it said it will be resold on eBay for around 4000.00! I had no idea an old liquor jug would be worth so much.
Auctions are a great place to go for great deals! Not only are there incredible finds, and treasure but also you are sitting among very aged and educated mentors so don't be afraid to ask questions. I always learn so much about things that are not necessarily my forte' when I go to an auction. Auctions are normally held once a month, and you can usually get the schedule by looking in your local antique newspaper, or calling an antique shop and inquiring. The are just as you would imagine them being with the auctioneer going about a mile a minute and antiques flying out the door. If you ever get a chance to attend one I would highly recommend it!
These are just a few of my finds from our recent auction. The powder box I have had before but never filled with the original talc pink powder! The old seed box has been something I have been wanting to find for almost 3 years! I wasn't going to let that one slip by. The graphics are wonderful and I am so excited to store my scrap art clippings inside of it.
I can't wait to have some fabulous Altered Art Jewelry made out of these incredible finds!
A view from the back of the auction! It's a good thing our auctioneer keeps the crowd laughing or the mood in the room would be very serious.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

What Inspires You...

I have long been inspired by the amazing detail of incredible ornate architecture and design. The lines, ornate facades, and attention to detail creates such inspiration in me that I try to pass on through my work. I have always longed to live in Paris for a year, To take in the beauty of each and every architectural element that wonderful city has to offer. I look at these doors and often wonder what stories lie inside. I dream of stately columns, carved pediments, and rooms full of lavish designs. Sharing these photos with you of what inspires me to create, I hope will inspire you to really think about what it is that brings out the creative side of you.
What is it that you love to look at, be around, or lavish in that inspires you to create?