Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Birthday My Girl

13 years ago today I gave birth to the greatest blessing in my life. Aysha Jayde was born on Novemeber 9th and from the second she was brought into this earth she shined. I knew from the second I saw her that she was one of gods children and that she has a light in her different than most. Four hours after Aysha was born she stopped breathing. Her doctor was on top of his game and quickly took Aysha in his hands and figured out what was wrong with her. Aysha had suffered an ineutero stroke that had taken a large portion of her brain. The diagnoses were grim, however we stayed positive and knew that this little ray of sunshine that god has given us to raise and be her parents was a strong beautiful spirit and that she could over come any obstacle. Today Aysha is turning 13 and she is the sweetest most caring lovable girl you will ever meet. All walks of life are drawn to Aysha. She has beat all odds and is a happy healthy sassy thirteen year old. She gets great grades and strives for excellence in all things. Ayshas friends and family know they can count on her. She loves to help anyone in need and has the biggest heart made of gold. I have been blessed each and everyday to have this beautiful little girl as my daughter and I am one proud mom. I love you B-nutty! xo, Mom

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