Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anthropologie My Love...

My Anthropologie...Oh how I love thee! Your magazine and stores inspire my creativity and talents so... I find great happiness and joy when your catalog arrives in my mailbox. I secretly find myself setting aside time to soak in the bath while scouring the pages of your book for treasures and inspiration. The above mosaic is my personal photography collage "Ode de Anthropologie"... The chandelier was created with this and thats-antique crystals, old perfume bottles, early 1900s skeleton keys, mens eyewear, old clock faces, along with an old souvenir eiffel tower and bits n pieces of treasures from the past.

How do you find pleasure and creative inspiration from the pages of Anthropologie... Is it in your wardrobe, your homes decor, or simply a fantasy of sorts floating around in your mind? xo, Alys


My Casa Bella said...

have you seen their sweater collections?? DROOL!!!!

Sew Country Chick said...

i'm totally inspired by their store design. It's like a movie set of my fantasy house.It'sa little embarrasing but I try to copy some of the ideas. I used to have a place in France and brought back a bunch of stuff and the store gives me ideas how to make old things look somehow modern.