Monday, November 16, 2009

Around My Town Part 1

With the winter season quickly approaching I thought it would be fun to head out with a dear friend and capture the city in photos before Jack Frost sprinkled his magic wand and covered it in a blanket of white wonderland. I always get so excited to get out into the big city around this time of year. The air has a different smell about it as the hustle and bustle of the holiday season approaches. I live about 30 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City and always find it a pleasure to drive into the city. Whether it be escaping to my favorite hotel "Hotel Monaco" for the evening or just meeting friends for lunch it is always pleasurable and such a treat. I took my camera along for 2 days of shopping, exploring and taking in this beautiful city. I will be posting part two "Holiday Store Windows" in a few days.
I have always loved architecture and have a sweet spot in my heart for the designs of times past. The craftsmanship and attention to fine detail captures my soul. I have taken photos of just a few of the historical buildings and landmarks you will see when visiting Salt Lake City. There is so much to see and do here, come for a visit sometime soon... xo, Alys


Eric said...

What rich architecture for such a relatively "new" city!

ZDENNY said...

A man named Finite awoke and found himself in a sinkhole full of quick sand. He was sinking very slowly and knew that he would meet certain death.

A man came along who had holes in his hands. The man threw Finite a rope and told him to grab it and he would pull him to safety.

Finite looked at the holes in the man’s hands and said, “Your not real.” “It is not scientifically possible for a man to live who has holes in his hands.

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The Lesson

If you are not with Jesus, you will be thinking about Him for eternity anyway… so have faith.