Sunday, August 30, 2009

Memories & Madness

Memories and Madness sums up this past week perfectly for me. My daughter Aspen had her first day of Junior High. She is in 7th grade and as I walked through the school doors I felt as if I should have been the one registering for class not my daughter! I can't believe how the time has passed so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in History class writing letters to my boyfriend. "No Aspen..this is not appropriate 7th grade behavior... your mother was not a good example and don't follow in her footsteps... boys are bad, they have cooties, stay far far away from them!" With so much homework, projects and after school activities already this year I can tell it is going to be full of nothing but Memories and Madness!

Aysha also started 4th grade this year. What in the world has happened to my baby?! Thank goodness she still lets me hold her, love her and kiss her as much as I could ever want to. How in the world could I ever resist those dimples! She was so excited to get back to school and see all of her friends. Aysha is a social butterfly, she loves people and is very fun, caring and sincere.
My week was one of the very best of my entire life! Monday was alfresco dining with great weather, pizza, laughter, love and fabulous company...Tuesday was spent rockin out to my favorite band Depeche Mode at there Live Nation concert with my best friend... No, I can't dance or sing for that matter but I sure felt like a rockstar! Wednesday was Aysha's first soccer game of the season, She played defender and did great! Thursday retreating up at the fabulous new Dakota mountain lodge in Park City, relaxing for the evening and having the time of my life. What an amazing beautiful experience. Saturday was spent rocking out concert style again to an oldy but goodie Blondie. Incredible memories and good times spent with dear friends and treasured loved ones... I couldn't ask for a better week!
Picture was taken on my camera phone, sorry for the poor quality! But you can just tell I am having the time of my life, and blissfully happy! I hope your week has been filled with good times and fun memories to last a lifetime! We should all celebrate and cherish those that know us best and love us most. Looking forward to many more great memories...xo Alys

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