Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Mothers day comes around once a year and I am always reminded how lucky I am to be a mother. I have the best little girls in the entire world! They are so carrying, giving and loving to one another, and are each others best friends. Growing up I didn't have a sister, however being a mother to these wonderful little girls has let me share in the joy of sisterhood. I love my girls and the blessings they bring each and everyday to my life. To all the Mothers, Aunts, Grandmas and Friends enjoying this Mothers Day Weekend, I hope your heart is filled with joy celebrating the loved ones in your life. Happy Mothers Day


Anonymous said...

Oh Alys,

Your daughters are gorgeous and they look just like you!! It is amazing!! They could be models.


Designing Hilary said...

Beautiful young ladies! It's their dimples that really melt my heart.