Friday, March 27, 2009

Peeps & Peace

So I have to admit, my daughters are definitely my peeps! Last night I walked into the kitchen and Aspen was busily making these peace necklaces for her friends at school. She said:

"Mom, I wore this necklace I made last night to school today and EVERYBODY loved it. They were all asking where I bought it, how much it cost and everything! When I told them I made it I had 6 girls ask me if I could make them one as well. So I am going to make these necklaces and give them to all my friends tomorrow at school"

She came up with the necklace idea all on her own, and had it created within minutes.

Next she said "I also made me these earrings, I think if I wear them tomorrow I will get orders just like I did on the necklaces, but this time I'm going to charge 5 bucks for a pair!"

I turned around, smiled and thought...That's my girl! A little entrepreneur at heart! I can still remember walking around the neighborhood when I was her age selling my hand painted prayer rocks. I am sure all of the rocks that I sold are the reason for my success today. Yes, thank you kind neighbors for making my day! It wasn't about the rocks as much as me finding self worth and truly believing I could be something someday! xo, Alys

-Peace Earrings & Necklaces- $5 Bucks :)


Anonymous said...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She sounds like you Alys. Very creative and while creativity and sharing is a good thing, it doesn't hurt to make a little made money on the side.

Saucy said...

They look especially CUTE hanging from the bowl of Peeps! Happy Easter!