Thursday, February 5, 2009

Your Mama Don't Dance & Your Daddy Don't Rock n Roll

If any of my bloggers friends out there are wondering why I have a been a bit MIA lately I have a confession! I am addicted to Rockband...Shhh, secretly I do believe I am a rock star in my own little living room! I love it! I play the drums, I sing and I play the guitar...OK no, I haven't totally fallen off the deep end, colored my hair pink, and pierced my nose "Secretly I would like to" we just dressed up for our family rock out session tonight. It was so much fun!

Introducing our family band "KantDanz" Aspen was on the mike, Aysha the drums, and Robert & I on the guitars. If you haven't played you must! It doesn't matter what age you are you will get a kick out of this game. And our family is up to a rockband challenge anytime...Bring it on! :)

Anders came a bit late but wanted to dress up as well. Isn't he adorable!?

Help! My pinkie finger can't reach the orange key!!! Are any of you rockbanders out there experiencing this same problem? As hard I as try I just can't seem to get the brain and fingers to work together when it comes to the orange key.
Now that I have explained my reason for being a total slacker, I promise I will get back to my regular blog postings. I have some awesome plans for the blog over the next couple of months so do stop by again soon, Rock On, Alys



No apologies necessary. It's called what's most important in life...playing with and enjoying your family.

Love, peace, and ROCK AND ROLL,

Anonymous said...

I'd wondered what happened to you? Sounds like you and the family are having a blast. Tooo cute!


Jen said...

Personally, I am the drummer. When I a listening to the radio or my Ipod now, I am envisioning it as a RockBand song. Scary!