Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saying Goodbye to John Deere Green...But Hellooo Chocolate

The past two weekends have been spent giving my front room a new French Parisian make-over. It was time to say goodbye to John Deere Green and Hellooo to Chocolate! About a year ago I painted my front room this lovely green color and while I thought it was hip at the time, I was so wrong. After living with it for what seems like an eternity I spotted this yummy chocolate brown color and knew, a change was on the horizon! The hunk was a trooper and totally was game for helping me re-paint and re-decorate the entire room. "Truth be known he wasn't digging John Deere Green either!"

Before repainting we thought it would be fun to use the blank wall as a giant canvas to play around and have fun with! My favorite was this I Heart You that I can tell "The Hunk" is just thrilled to have his picture taken in front of it!

I have been gathering pieces for this makeover for the past few months, and am thrilled with the end result. What a great excuse as well to get new furniture! I am in love with the antique re-upholstered French sofa & over sized reading chair. Here you will see before and after shots of the makeover.

I love collecting crowns & things and this old French hutch is the perfect display piece for these small collectibles.

This is my favorite boudoir doll from my collection. I enjoy collecting these as well. Even though the French Boudior Dolls are not high end collectibles something about them speaks to me. Their sassy looks, rich clothing, moody eyes and pouty lips I just adore. She even still has her pearl necklace and bloomers on! I purchased this doll from another online boutique "French Garden House" several years ago.

Dress forms and mannequins are one of my very favorite things to decorate with. In fact if you come to my home you may find it a bit strange, I seem to have them in every room.

I love French Object De' Art pieces, from old French doorknockers to beautiful bookends they always bring delight to my eyes.

My passion in decor is lighting and my favorite chandeliers of all time are the original early 1900 Italian Beaded Chandeliers. In this room I have used an large beaded chandy and a 5 light beaded wall sconces as well. I have also lit the room with corner accent chandeliers, lamps and candlelight.

I love the unique and appealing qualities of this gorgeous old dress form. Using it in such an unconventional way adds to the art and appeal of the rooms decor.

I hope you have enjoyed this little room makeover as much as I have. I plan on spending many hours using it or just walking by to admire the beauty of it all.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore the re-make. The beautiful settee, and all of the unique and wonderful items you have so artfully displayed. If I were you I would be walking by to admire every chance I got. The brown has added such warmth and contrast to the chandeliers. Everything just twinkles. Love it!!


Jackie said...

Perfection!! I love brown rooms - my dining room is dark brown and I love it! Your room is fantastic!

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Oh, I really like the new chocolate color! Is the chair rail black? The whole room looks so warm and inviting, I can imagine you spending many happy hours there.

Carla said...

Oh my god your room is exquisite. It is so elegant and if I lived there I would never want to leave. Love the transformation. Carla

Tutti Chic said...

Your make-over is beyond gorgeous!!! Congrats also on the RH article! Love the pic of "the hunk!" :) chris