Monday, October 13, 2008

We Have A Winner! ~Couture Handbag Give-Away

Thank you, Thank you to all of you who submitted ideas and entries to our Couture Handbag Give-Away! So many gorgeous & creative names have been submitted for my new jewelry line that it will be soooo hard to pick just one! I have compiled the list below of names and will be narrowing it down to one for the big jewelry launch next week. Every time a new name would come in I would think "Oh Oh, that is it" There are soooo many fabulous and perfect names to choose from!!! This is going to be as hard as picking a name for a new baby, but I am super excited!
This morning my daughter chose her favorite name for the free handbag giveaway. The name she chose was "The Seine of Times" Submitted by Kris of Tres Belle. She has been reading the names as they have been coming in right along side of me, and it has been so fun to see what she thinks and have her input. She is turning into my little muse these days really spreading her wings and exploring her love for photography and art.
Congratulations Kris and please email me with your info and which purse you would love so I can get it right out to you!

The Eclectic Parisian * Bits of Paris * Bijou Bling Jewels of the Seine * beau trésor * Coeurs deVieux * Parisian Metals * Paris Heirloom * la femme bijou * Pieces from the Past * French Bits * Eclectic Parisian Jewels * Parisian Persuasion * The Seine of Times * Vintage Paris line * Croix du Temps * Bejeweled Bijoux * Jolie Jewels * Bygone Bling * Revamped 4U * French Lace Vintage Designs * French Lace Vintage Jewels * French Lace Jewelry Co * French Lace Jewelry Designs * Toujour Paris * la Renaissance * The Parisian Mystic Line * Bead-dazzled* Past Perfect Jewels * Yesterday's Adornments * TodayRefashioned 4 U * French Flair - Yesterday and Today * Sparkling Again! * Preview the Past * Hip Heirlooms * Parisian Mystic * La Renaissance * Crown Jewels Vintage Jewelry * Crown Jewels Vintage Designs * Antoinette's Dream * Wearing Paris * Paris Around Your Neck * Vintage Bijouterie * Jewels of Versailles * Versailles Bling * Hooked * Curious Charms * Pari~Alys Jewels * ParAlys Jewels * Bijoux d'Alys

This has been so much fun and I really appreciate all of the creative thoughts and comments you all have left. xo, Alys


Beth Trent said...

What a lucky girl to have won that gorgeous purse!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winner!!


Ellenay Designs said...

Oh!! How pretty! Congratulations Kris! You will enjoy that bag for sure.

Lana said...

What a lucky winner! How wonderful to have your daughter interested in your business!