Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Couture Handbag Give-Away

ABitofParis2U Wordle
So as I laid in bed last night tossing and turning "see previous post" I had a brainstorm! Why not let the ladies in Blog land lend a helping hand...And why not have a giveaway! Everyone loves a giveaway, and I have Never met a woman that doesn't LOVE a great bag! So with that we announce"
"The Couture HandBag Give-Away"
ABitofParis2U Wordle

The lucky winner will win this gorgeous Phoebe & Josephine Couture Handbag, shipped directly to your home!!! It doesn't get much better than this...and just in time for the fall/winter season this will be the "IT" bag to be carrying. Retail value on this bagis just over 325.00! The Winner will have her choice from one of the two handbags photographed above. The black handbag features Vintage Beaver Fur accented with black leather, trim and a gorgeous swarvoski fluer de lis. The brown shoulder bag featured soft vintage mink accented by brown leather, trim and a beautiful swarvoski crown!

Alys Geertsen HandBag Giveaway

The Rules:
1. Comment me with a link to your Blog so I can add you to my Blog Roll, and add ME to yours! "Yes, I do believe in buying friends"...LOL... :-) No, not really, it is just that with all the blogs and blog readers out there in blog land it is tough for me to get to all of you if you are not on my blog roll. I am sure they're are so many of you out there that I don't know about and if this is the first time you have visited my blog, Welcome!

2. I am getting ready to launch my New Custom Vintage Jewelry Line "see pics below" within the next few weeks to my ABitOfParis2u & Paris Couture Antique Sites. I am so excited about this and want a catchy clever name for this collection I have created however I am stumped. I would LOVE to hear your ideas. I need a name...Something catchy, clever, inspiring, new and reminiscent of the collection and a reflection of my sites...."I know that is alot to ask for, but you ladies are creative!" I can't wait to hear your suggestions & ideas. For every suggestion you send in you will get one entry into the drawing, so get your thinking caps on. Feel free to send in ideas as they come over the next week.

We will be holding this contest on both of our blogs, Abitofparis2u & Paris Couture Antiques. The contest will be open for 10 days from Oct. 2nd- Oct 12th. A winner will be drawn from the list of creative names sent in from both sites on October 13th at 9 am. The winner will be posted here on my blog so do check back to see if you have won!

Anyone with an email address can join this contest. If you don't have a blog but enjoy stopping by to read, welcome! Simply submit an idea for my new jewelry line and I will count you in!

Thank you for all the support, xo Alys

Alys Geertsen Jewelry

Alys Geertsen Jewelry

Alys Geertsen Jewelry

Alys Geertsen Jewelry

Alys Geertsen Jewelry

Alys Geertsen Jewelry


Anonymous said...

Hi Alys,

I have been to your shop and adore your new line of jewelry. I think "The Eclectic Parisian" would be a great name? As for the purses, it would certainly present a dilemma to have to choose just one of the beautiful purses. I feel about purses like some feel about shoes. Of course, my purses have to be unique and not mainstream and yours certainly qualify as that.

I will add you to my blog list and hope you will do the same. My blog address is as follows: I am also going to pick up the books you listed because I, like you, truly love and adore France and French things.


Anonymous said...

How about "Bits of Paris". Love the black bag and will definitely add you to my blog roll. You can find me at

Marianna said...

beautiful work! I lurk but I visit often so I'd love to add you to my blog roll and be added to yours. Your shop is fab! I'll put on my thinking cap for some name suggestions...oh wait here's one...Piece of the Past?

or perhaps Bijou Bling



Jen said...

Yay! I love these bags! I will add you, if you add me. :)

For a name, how about "Jewels of the Seine". instead of jewels of the nile...will keep thinking!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful jewelry! They remind me of coins you would find in a sunken treasure. So my suggestion is "beau trésor" or beautiful treasure in french! I'm adding you to my blogroll, mine is!



Tammy said...

I LOVE your pieces of jewelry that you have created. Incredible!!! My suggestion for a name is: "Coeurs de Vieux" Heart of Old. Just a thought!!!

I'll be back!!!

Anonymous said...

Alys, it's me again, Kris. I keep trying to come up with diffrent names for your new line of jewelry. How about "Parisian Metals"


blueladybug said...

I love the bags, especially the black one! I will add you, if you add me.
My blog is

How about the name,"Paris Heirloom" for your new jewelry line.

Ellenay Designs said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was happy to see your give-away because even though I adore jewelry, I'm a hopeless bag fanatic! I will definitely add you. Mine is:
For your jewelry name (love it all by the way!!) I think "la femme bijou" would be neat (the ladies jewels)

Joelle said...

Hey sweets! Its been a long time since I have been to blog land. but Im back now & yummmmmmmm you have so much for me to read & catch up on!!!
It all looks great!
Im off to read more & think of some names too!
Best Wishes & talk soon!
Joelle XOXO

Joelle said...

Beautiful one!
That new picture is absolutely stunning!
(well new to me. but anyways... great shot!)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Your jewelry is absolutely amazing! Do you make the bags yourself? I love the idea of recycling fur. :)

Anonymous said...

How about "Pieces from the Past" or "French Bits".


Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

I have always adored your sites. You are an incredibly talented person. Your web design is gorgeous, to the way you present things, to your photos, etc.. Creativity is everywhere!

I am happy to add your blog to my Highly Addictive Blog List and would love, love, love for you to add me to yours:

AS far as a name I was thinking perhaps: Eclectic Parisian Jewels or something to that nature. I will give it some more thought and send more ideas. But you are doing fine without the advice of others. Your imagination is filled with wonderful and creative thoughts.

Rita Kent at TesoroFino.Com said...

How about Eclectic Parisian Jewels for your business name?

As far as adding you to "MY List of Addictive Blogs", I would love to. Please do so for me too: is my blog name.

Oh, how I wish to win the purse with the crown. I have always considered myself a princess! :) Rita

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhh la la...such gorgeous jewelry! Stunning! I just LOVE the handbags too!

How about "Parisian Persuasion" as a name?

I would love to add you to my blogroll and thank you so much for visiting my little corner of blogland! I'm so glad you stopped by. Come again anytime!


Lisa said...

You have a wonderful blog and beautiful jewelry. Hmmmm...something french would be fitting for a name for your jewelry line.

Lisa said...

OOOps. I forgot to leave my blog link.


Anonymous said...

How about "The Seine of Times" or Vintage Paris line?


Alys said...

I am in Love with all of your post! It is going to be hard narrowing this down to just one name. Thank you, Thank you to all that have submitted entries so far...xo Alys

Anonymous said...

Okay, my daughter is now involved in the name for the new line of your jewelry. She was an exchange student in Belgium in high school and went to Paris a couple of times and was very fluent in French. She suggests "Bejeweled Bijoux" or "Jolie Jewels". We're on a roll now. I think "Croix du Temps" (hopefully that means "Crosses of Time)". I just love doing this!!!

My Best,


marcy said...

Your blogs have given me a great deal of fun and enjoyment. Of course, I would love to swap blogroll names. Come visit at!
One of your handbags would find such an adoring and fashion-friendly place on my "wanna be French" arm!!
Have been mulling over a name for your new jewelry business. How about "Bygone Bling...Revamped 4U" ??
I'll come up with more.

Patti said...

Dreams really do come true.....
Love the vintage set design and your style...very Tim Burton,far
more romantic.
Excellent jewelry designs.
Perhaps..."French Lace
Vintage Designs"
Or........"French Lace
Vintage Jewels"

or ......."French Lace
Jewelry Co."
or........"French Lace
Jewelry Designs"
my thoughts for now,

Allegra Smith said...

Hello Alys,

Thank you for visiting, and I love your blog and your jewelry. How about Toujour Paris? I have now your blog among my favorites. Isn't this fun? Love to see you back.

kecia said...

hello there! i'm glad you found my blog and took the time to read it - i always love meeting someone new. i'm still traveling, so when i get home and have some time to relax, i will take the time to enjoy your blog as well. i'm so tired right now i can't even think straight to suggest a name for your new line of jewerly; but from the comments already left, i think you have some good choices to go from!

Anonymous said...


What do you think of "la Renaissance" or "The Parisian Mystic Line"?


P.S. I wonder if I should do this for a living?


Marcy said...

More Name Ideas 4 U

Past Perfect Jewels
Yesterday's Adornments 4 Today
Refashioned 4 U
French Flair - Yesterday and Today
Sparkling Again!

marcychapman said...

More name ideas for your new site.

Sparkling Again!

Past Perfect

Preview the Past

Hip Heirlooms

Anonymous said...


What do you think of "La Renaissance" or "Parisian Mystic"?

I hope this doesn't show up twice. I wrote it yesterday and it hasn't shown up.

Best regards,


Patti said...

"Crown Jewels
Vintage Jewelry"

or perhaps,

"Crown Jewels
Vintage Designs" thoughts.

Anonymous said...

One last thought, how about "Antoinette's Dream". She sure loved her jewels.