Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Reads

I have had the urge to travel lately and I think that is showing in my current bedside books. On my night table I have

Postsecret By: Frank Warren

My French Life By: Vicki Archer

France History and Landscape By: Emme Howard

My husband and I have been reading 40+ pages from Postsecret for the past 3 nights. The author traveled the county and handed out several thousand postcards to strangers. On the postcard it said: Take a Postcard; Tell Your Secret Anonymously; Stamp & Mail. The postcards were all Pre-addressed and soon the postcards started pouring in. Several postcards that he handed out came in along with many through word of mouth...In this book the author shares the postcards of several hundred strangers with secrets to be told. It is super to read and very thought provoking. You can read some of the secret postcards here on the Postsecret blog.

My French Life is a book I picked up as I just adored the cover. Speaking of secrets I also secretly wished I lived in France when I was a little girl, so this book seemed just the right fit for me. I am 1/4 into this book and I just adore it. It will sweep you away from the beginning with all the beautiful photos, life lessons, and quotes. My favorite so far is:

"Begin with what you are in no doubt of and what makes you happy. Take the time to feel secure in your choices and the rest will follow." I have always said, "With a new pair of shoes, life can't be so bad" and that I have no doubt about!

And the last book on my night table is a book about the country of France. This is a great coffee table sized book that will have you mesmerized with all the unbelievable architecture and gorgeous landscapes of the country.

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